Translated from  IsiZulu ‘IMVULA’ means rain

Driven by his long-term vision, entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for empowering those in impoverished communities, Siyabonga Mvula set out to establish Imvula Wines.

Imvula Wines is inspired by the fundamental role that annual rainfall plays in sustaining life. Siyabonga hopes that one-day Imvula Wines will take on a similar role in the lives of those in rural communities through providing assistance, social upliftment and financial support.

“With Rain Comes Sunshine”

Each range of Imvula Wines is carefully selected and sourced from a Wine Estate located in Robertson, Western Cape.

Imvula Wines’ vision is to be the best emerging wine brand that provides its valued  clients with  quality wine and services.

Imvula Wines’ mission is to provide its clients with  good quality wine at an affordable price.

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The Last Release

Sauvignon Blanc

This elegant fruity white wine packed with tropical and passion flours, a touch of green fig and melon tones and gooseberry whiffs. Nice supple, juicy mouthfeel, with a pleasant lingering finish.